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Why Is The Double Apple Hookah Flavour So Popular?

Double apple is one of the most popular hookah flavors in the world, and there are several reasons why it has gained such popularity among hookah enthusiasts.

Flavour Profile

The flavor profile of double apple is a unique blend of sweet and tangy notes that appeals to a wide range of taste preferences. The flavor is derived from a combination of anise and apple, which gives it a distinct taste that is both refreshing and satisfying.


The aroma of the double apple is quite pleasant and intoxicating, which adds to the overall sensory experience of smoking hookah. The scent is often described as spicy, floral, and fruity, making it a sensory delight for many.


Double apple is a versatile flavor that can be mixed with other flavors to create unique and interesting flavor combinations. It is most commonly mixed with mint, however, it can also mix with blueberry, grape, and many other flavors, making it a great base for experimentation.

Wide Availability

Lastly, double apple flavor is widely available and can be found at most hookah lounges and shisha stores, making it accessible all around the world!

In summary, the popularity of the double apple hookah flavor can be attributed to its unique taste and aroma, cultural associations, versatility, and overall sensory appeal.

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