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The Difference Between Natural Coconut Charcoal Vs Quick Light Charcoal

The Difference Between Natural Coconut Charcoal Vs Quick Light Charcoal.

Hookah charcoal plays a massive role in the quality of a hookah session. With so many types of hookah charcoal on the market, which brand and type should you choose? Generally, most hookah smokers will decide to go with the quick light coals due to their convenience. However, is it important to note that the hookah coals you choose to light up can affect many aspects of your smoking experience. The longevity, taste, and cloud output of your session can all rely on what your hookah charcoals are made of.

That is why it is important to note the differences between natural coconut charcoals and quick light charcoals, as both coals have their pros and cons.

Natural hookah charcoal is made up of natural ingredients, such as compressed coconut shells. The shells are processed into charcoal and then compressed into briquettes (or cubes).


- Once they are lit up using a coal burner (insert link) they tend to stay lit longer, usually about double the time of your average quick light charcoal.

- Coconut Charcoal burns at a steadier pace, providing stable heat to the hookah throughout the session.

- They are much healthier as compared to quick light coals. Natural coconut charcoal doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals that are found in regular quick light charcoal.

- They tend to be odorless and more eco-friendly.

- Come in many shapes and sizes such as flat squares, cubes, large cubes, and recently, new circular wedges.


- They take much longer to light, usually between 5-9 minutes.

- You would not be able to light them up with a normal lighter, you would need an independent heat source such as a stove or charcoal burner.

Quick lighting, fast lighting, or instant lighting charcoals, are normally made of compressed coal dust and contain a quick-lighting chemical (typically sulfur), to enable them to light up with ease. Quick light charcoals are lit up in under a minute and typically come in a foil-wrapped roll of 10 discs.


- Convenient and easy to use, as they can be lit with a simple lighter.

- More convenient to use when traveling and don’t have access to a stove or coal burner.

-They are more user-friendly for beginner hookah smokers.


- Some brands can have an intense chemical aftertaste.

- They don’t provide as much heat as the natural coconut coals

So now that you know the differences, you’re ready to choose which charcoal is best suited for you. We have a variety of different charcoals in our shop collection at or in our store at 429 Wilson Avenue, North York, Ontario, M3H1T5.

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