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Picking The Right Hookah Hose

There are many styles of hookah hoses and they each have different features. A custom hookah hose offers you more than just a great-looking smoke. These products are made to last for long periods of time as well! We have discussed some of the pros and cons of different hookah hoses, so you can be prepared when making your next purchase!

These hoses tend to come with every new Khalil Mamoon hookah, they contain long handles with fur rings on each side of the handle. Most of these traditional hoses are made with real or synthetic leather. These hoses tend to be hard to clean, as they also contain a spring inside of the hose to prevent the hose from kinking. Without washing the hose, you will have the taste of old flavour stuck inside of the hose, which can affect future smoking sessions.

Overall, traditional hoses look and smoke great, but the downside is that they are not as durable and long-lasting as some of the other options.

Washable hoses like the Mya Hose (seen in the picture above) are very similar to traditional hookah hoses. They are mostly made from leather but sometimes contain a metal spring with a plastic liner on the inside of the hose. The biggest difference between the washable hoses and the traditional hookah hoses is the absence of cardboard. These hoses are considered washable but are prone to damage after several washes. More convenient than the traditional hoses but washable hoses still have their cons.

Convenient hose for hookah lounges or big gatherings, disposable hookah hoses can be the most sanitary option. A low-price point hose made of plastic is meant to be tossed after each hookah session. No more worrying about what flavour was last smoked out of your hose. The disposable hoses found on is a solid option made from high-grade plastic to keep your customers or friends happy by not spreading germs. Simple hoses that still have color options and can work for any budget.

Silicone hoses are currently the most practical hoses on the market, this is due to their durability and ability to wash. By running some warm water and lemon juice through your silicone hose, you will help clean and kill the germs and bacteria from previous smoking sessions. This results in the ability to switch through different flavours without tasting your last smoking session. Silicone hoses come in many different styles and colour options and with uniquely shaped aluminum handles where you can fully customize your hose with shape, thread color, leather wraps, and much more from companies such as Kraft and Starbuzz Handles!

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