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AEON Edition 4 Premium

The new AEON Shisha – Edition 4 is the successor to Edition 3 and has been developed and continuously tested for over a year.

How does Edition 4 - Premium differ from other hookahs?

Edition 4 has the patented AEON Purge System (APS) which allows you to vent the smoke from the bowl without removing any balls from the hose end pieces so that you can get the stale smoke out of the bowl. The APS works via a spring that is pressed down when you blow into your hose, creating a space through which you can vent the smoke from the bowl. You can adjust the APS by turning the blower in or out of the base. If you screw it further into the base, the spring gets more tension, and blowing out is more difficult, whereas blowing out is easier with a blow-out device turned far out. For Edition 4, we have also developed a new blow-out valve that guides the smoke upwards along the smoke column.

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