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Hookah Accessories Worth Investing In

Hookah brushes are on our list, as we believe that one of the necessities for a hookah session is a clean hookah! Have you ever smoked a new flavour on your hookah, and were only able to taste the flavour previously smoked? The main explanation behind this is that you had not thoroughly cleaned your hookah! Hookah brushes are suitable accessories to have to keep your hookah clean. After you are finished smoking, it is essential to use warm, soapy water and a shisha cleaning brush to remove the build-up of old flavours or mold stuck to the shisha vase

Egyptian-style clay bowls (such as the ones included with the Khalil Mamoon hookah) get the job done but not at a peak level. The first move to make when upgrading your hookah is to purchase a more practical bowl, such as the ‘Phunnel Bowl’. The best hookah bowl on the market right now is the phunnel because of its heat distribution and ability to “funnel” smoke down the center. The phunnel bowl also keeps molasses and excess juice in the bowl, rather than have it drop through the openings, as seen in the Egyptian-style clay bowls. These bowls come in many sizes but are recognizable by the single raised spire in the middle of the bowl with a single large hole in the center. The most common type of phunnel bowl is the Oblako Phunnel.

Silicone hookah hoses smoking experiences in so many ways. Silicone hoses are currently the most practical hoses on the market, this is due to their durability and ability to wash. By running some warm water and lemon juice through your silicone hose, you will help clean and kill the germs and bacteria from previous smoking sessions. This results in the ability to switch through different flavours without tasting your last smoking session.

More advanced hookah sessions come with heat management devices (hmd)! A hookah heat management device allows more control of the heat produced by your hookah charcoal. Trap heat in to pull more smoke or release some to cool off the shisha flavour. The latest trend in hookah is growing in popularity with each iteration released by companies like Apple on Top and their Provost HMD or the famous Kaloud Lotus. Have more control of your hookah session with an HMD and take hookah to the next level.

Natural hookah charcoal is made up of natural ingredients, such as compressed coconut shells. The shells are processed into charcoal and then compressed into briquettes (or cubes). Once they are lit up using a coal burner, they tend to stay lit longer, usually about double the time of your average quick light charcoal. Coconut Charcoal also burns at a steadier pace, providing stable heat to the hookah throughout the session, and is much healthier than quick light coal, as they don’t contain any of the toxic chemicals found in regular quick light charcoal. Pair these up with a heat management device, and you will not be disappointed!

We hope you have learned a thing or two about products that can revamp your next hookah session! Please keep a heads up for part two of 'Hookah Accessories Worth Investing In'!

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